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(807) 355-3417

Meals & Groceries

Seniority Services offer unparalleled meal and grocery services for seniors and their families. All of our services are customizable.

Our grocery services can include:

  • Helping to prepare a grocery list and/or meal plan
  • Assistance in finding the best deals/sales for grocery list items and food
  • Grocery store drop-off and pick-up
  • Grocery store accompaniment and assistance;
    • Provide rides to and from the store, or multiple stores
    • Accompaniment into the store, or multiple stores
    • Assistance in picking out and locating needed items
    • Assistance in carrying groceries
    • Assistance in putting groceries away
  • Home Delivery
    • We do all the shopping for you and deliver your groceries to your door – no need to come along
  • Online Grocery Orders
    • Today many companies allow you to order, pick-out and purchase your groceries online. If you’re interested in this service but not sure how to get started – we can help!

Our meal preparation services can include:

  • Healthy and customized meal plans (non-medical)
    • In home meal preparations;
    • We come to your home and prepare homemade food in your kitchen for your convenience
    • We can do all of the cooking or provide as much assistance as you need
    • We pre-portion meals and can make meals to last daily, weekly or monthly
    • We can prepare and portion food so that it’s ready to be cooked for a fresh and convenient meal.